The Value of Biodiversity

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  • The Value of Biodiversity
    • Ecological Value
      • High levels of BD make ecosystems stable and less vulnerable
      • Plant photosynthesis provides a base for food chains
      • Ecosystems act as carbon sinks
      • Plants are part of the hydrological cycle, and reduces flood impact
      • 80% of the World's 'food stuff' (chocolate) originate from the TRF
      • 20% of the World's oxygen provided by the Amazon
      • 50% of plant, animal and microorganisms species are found in TRF
    • Economic Value
      • Food supply- 90% of calories in human diet come from 30 plants
      • Medicines- 25% of drugs come from plants
        • Rosy Periwinkle treats Leukemia
      • Bees and pollinators maintain fruit orchards
      • Help financial impact of floods
      • 1 hectare of forested land £3000, but deforested only £500
    • Cultural/ Aesthetic Value
      • Recreational use adds to quality of life
      • Education and Scientific Research
      • Supporting lives of local people and maintain traditional culture
      • Indigenous people continue to thrive in areas such as Amazonia
  • Direct uses (goods) things that can be produced and consumedd
  • Indirect uses (services) soil formation, supporting food chain and the role plants play in the hydrological cycle


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