The Twelfth Night

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  • The Twelfth Night
    • Duke Orsino
      • Is in love with Olivia. 'If music be the food of love, play on.'
    • Viola
      • Shipwrecked, dresses up as boy named 'Cesario' and works for Orsino.
    • Lady Olivia
      • Brother died, now deppressed. Loves Cesario.
    • Malvolio
      • Servant of Olivia. gets tricked into thinking that Olivia loves with him. ends up making a fool of himself.
    • Sir Toby Belch
      • Olivia's uncle. Drunk and a bit of an idiot.
    • Sir Andrew Aguecheek
      • Friend of Sir Toby. Drunk, money waster, idiot.
    • Maria
      • Servant of Olivia.
    • Sebastian
      • Brother of Viola, Shipwrecked


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