The Skin

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  • The Skin
    • Epidermis
      • stratum granulosum
      • stratum spinosum
      • stratum corneum
      • stratum basale
      • stratum lucidum
    • functions of the skin
      • temperature
        • insulation, sweat production, goose bumps
      • sense organ
        • nerve endings (pain, touch, pressure and temperature)
      • protection
        • ultraviolet rays, water, infection
      • vitamin production
        • vitamin d in skin reacts with the sun
      • absorption
        • vegetable oils and patch druch
      • excretion
        • sweat (water, salt, urea)
    • Layers
      • Epidermis
        • thickest on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
        • no blood vessels or nerve endings
        • cells  on the surface are flat, thin, non-nucleated and dead
        • the surface cells are constantly being rubbed off and replaced
      • Dermis
        • Tough and elastic and is formed from connective tissue
        • main cells found here are fibroblasts, macrophages and mast cells
        • structures of the dermis: blood and lymph vessels, sensory nerve endings, sweat glands and hairs
    • heat loss
      • most of the body's heat loss occurs through the skin
      • heat loss through the skin is affected by the difference between body and environment temperature


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