The Site of Delphi

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  • The Site of Delphi
    • Key Features/ Monuments
      • Temple of Apollo
        • Adyton
          • Where the Pythia would consult the oracle
          • this extra room made the whole temple longer
        • East Pediment - arrival of Apollo in a chariot
        • West Pediment - possibly the Gigantomachy
      • Theatre
        • built in the 4th Century therefore Delphi had already been established and reliable
      • The Sacred Way
        • Treasuries
          • Athenian
            • Post Battle of Marathon victory 490BC
            • Marble, prime position where worshippers will likely rest their, attached to a stoa beneath the Temple
          • Siphnos
            • Marble and adorned with Caryatids
            • allowed this small island to establish/ promote itself in the Hellenic sphere
        • Altar of the Chians
          • this provided them with Promanteia
          • Outside the Temple = important
        • stoas
        • monuments
          • Serpent Column of Plataea
            • made following the defeat of the Persians by each Polis involved
            • display of unity and common worship
              • however would expose and shame other Greek Poleis for not joining the resistance against the Persians
      • Stadium
        • used in the Pythian Games
    • importance of the site
      • Panhellenic site, co-operation, identity
      • Site of the Panhellenic Games
      • Religion
        • mythical links
          • the Omphalos is believed to be the centre of the Earth - where Zeus' two eagles met
        • Site of Apollo's Pythian oracle
      • Politics
        • providing monuments allowed poleis to gain promanteia
        • exchange of ideas and culture
          • eg at the stoas


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