the Reformation

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  • The Reformation
    • Thomas Cromwell
      • gave the idea that he should became the head of the church
        • so that he can grant his own devours
      • adviser to Henry
    • wives of Henry
      • Henry wanted a divorces with Cathrine of aragon
        • needed permission   from the Pope
        • saying that it was bad to marry your dead brothers wife because the bible said so
      • wanted to marry Anne Boleyn
    • Martin Luther
      • a monk in germany
      • was not happy about the Catholic Church
        • how that people had to pay for there sins to be forgiven
        • wanted worship simpler
        • movement called Protestattism
    • the Dissolution of the Monasteries
      • it was to close all the monasteries
      • did it to get more money
      • also because the monks and nuns were living sinful lives


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