The rebirth of Nazism, 1924

A mind-map that shows Hitler's ideas after leaving jail.

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  • The rebirth of Nazism
    • Nationalism
      • Breaking the resticion of the T of V.
      • Reviving the power of Germany
      • Make Germany self suffient.
      • Expand Germanys borders
      • 'Purify' the race.
    • Socialism
      • Hitler wanted to conrol big business
      • To him this meant running the economy in the national interrest so...
        • Agricultre + Industsry would flourish.
        • No unfair profits
        • No Jewish manageers
        • Fair treatment for worker.
    • Totalitarianism.
      • Democracy weak
      • 1 strong leader
    • Tradional German values
      • Strong family values with male/female roles
      • Christian morality
      • Old stly German cultre
    • Struggle
      • Land - 'lebensraum' (living space)
      • 'Purifying' the race
    • Racial Purity
      • Aryans were the superior
      • Other races were inferior
      • Jews were the lowest.


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