The rainforest ecosystem

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  • Example of a Biome - the Rainforest ecosystem.
    • Found along the equator
    • They cover about 6% of the total land area.
    • contain the most diverse range of plant and animal life found anywhere on earth.
    • Rainforest Nutrient Cycle
      • very delicate
      • 80% of nutrients come from the trees and plants.
        • 20% in soil.
      • Hot, damp conditions allow for rapid decomposition
      • Nutrients are high in demand from the rainforest's fast-growing plants.
      • Nutrients dont remain in the soil long.
      • Herbivores eat plants.
        • nutrients return to the soil after they die .
          • decomposers.
    • Rainforest Water Cycle
      • Roots of plants take up water from the ground.
      • rain is intercepted by canopy level.
      • Water evaporates when rainforest heats up.
        • convectional rainfall.
      • forest is a great store of water.
      • Rainfall feeds amazon river.
    • Rainforest Carbon Cycle
      • Plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis.
      • Rainforests store more carbon per unit than any other ecosystem.
      • When a plant dies the carbon within it is released back into the environment.
      • Soil is an important source of carbon when plants/animals die.
      • forests burned - 30 -60% carbon lost to atmosphere.


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