The Prelude

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  • The Prelude
    • Tone
      • Grandiose, daunting (Nature of Landscape)
      • Fast paced, free and joyous
      • Slightly sad and nostalgic
    • Subject
      • The exhilaration and freedom(not going home when called) Wordsworth felt as a child, skating around the frozen lakes in Cumbria
      • A winters afternoon in the Cambrian /Lake district landscape
    • Theme
      • Passing time and memory
      • Celebration of childhood
      • Grand scale of nature/ the countryside
    • Context
      • Member of the Romantic groups of poets, He was brought up in the Lake district, which as a place that influenced his writing
      • His Mother died when he was a schoolboy, so he spent a lot of time in Penrith with his Grandparents
      • Because of the war between Britain and France, so he never didn't see his daughter or her mother for may years


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