The particle model

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  • The particle model
    • Chemical and physical changes
      • Chemical changes are difficult to reverse and new substances are made
      • Physical changes are reversible and no new substances are made
      • E.g.- Methane+oxygen ->carbon dioxide +water
    • Atomic structure
      • Two oxygen atoms joined together=oxygen molecule
      • Ions- Atoms/groups of atoms that have lost/gained electrons
      • Isotopes are atoms of an element with the same number of protons and electrons and different numbers of neutrons
    • Developing the Atomic Model
      • 1803- Dalton's solid atom , electrons discovered
      • 1897- Thompson's Plum Pudding Model, nucleus discovered.
        • Sphere of positive charge with electrons embedded
      • 1909- Rutherford's planetery model, mathematical model
      • 1913-  Bohr's energy levels model; proton, then neutron discovered


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