Marxism on Religion

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  • Religion: Marxism
    • 'the opium of the people'
      • religion acts as opiate to dull the pain produced by oppression
        • makes people not think for themselves
    • 'dulls pain of oppression'
      • promises eternal bliss = Engels argues promise of afterlife gives people something to look forward to
      • those who suffer poverty will be rewarded for their virtue
    • justifies social order
      • ''all things bright & beautiful'
        • 'god made them high and lowly'
          • helps those at bottom of hierarchy to accept their situation philisophically
    • form of social control
      • religion discourages people from trying to change their position
      • provides illusion of hope in hopeless situations
      • produces FCC = diverts attention from source of oppression & maintains ruling class power


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