The Odyssey Book 7 major themes

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  • The Odyssey B7
    • nostos
      • "Once let me see my own estate, my servants, and the high roofs of my great house, and I will be content to breath my last"- love for Ithica
    • divine intervention
      • "Athene, in her concern for his welfare, enveloped him in a thick mist" - Phaeacians are descendants from Poseidon so she is being overly cautious
    • kleos
      • his cunning qualities on show when spinning his story- "Zeus had smashed my good ship to pieces" - doesn't tell them why
      • "I wish that a man like you, like-minded with myself, could have my daughter and remain here as my son-in-law" recognising his kleos without knowing him
    • disguise
      • "he was about to go into the pleasant town when the bright-eyed goddess herself came to meet him, disguised as a young girl"
    • xenia
      • "tell your squires to mix some more wine so that we can make fresh libation, to Zeus the Thunderer, patron of suppliants , who deserves respect."
    • suplication
      • "threw his arms around Arete's knees"
    • identity
      • "I'm a stranger here from a distant land and don't know a single soul in the city or the country around." - laying the groud work fopr his sceme to be an averasge person
      • He  masterfully tells his story which has fragments of reality whilst also not giving his true identity
        • "Think of the wretches who in your experiences have borne the heaviest load of sorrow, and i will match my griefs with theirs" - reclaiming his identity
      • "Who are you? Where do you come from?" - he dodges the question
    • divinity of the Phaecians
      • "their fruit never fails nor runs short, winter and summer alike." - blessed by Demeter
      • "On either side stood gold and silver dogs, which Hephaestus had made with consummate skill"
      • "Nausithous, the first of the line, was the son of Poseidon"
      • "privilege granted by Poseidon, and the ships of theirs are as swift as birds"


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