The neo-marxist perspective

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  • Neo-Marxist perspective
    • Antonio Gramsci
      • humanistic Marxism- combines Marxism and social action
      • explains no revolution criticism
        • marx underestimated the power of ideology in a capitalist society
      • hegemony
        • how the ruling class maintain power through consent of the wc
        • media ,education, family
        • justify ruling class power
      • coercion
        • using force
        • army, police, courts
        • backup if hegemony fails
      • how a revolution can occur
        • There is a dual consciousness
        • proletariat need a counter hegemonic block- a real lead to society, organic intellectuals who are class conscious in a political party
    • Louis Althusser
      • structuralist marxist
      • rejects humanistic marxism
        • and the free will of individuals, focuses more on power of social structure
      • disagrees with marx's model
        • disagrees with IS and **
        • rejects economic determinism for structural determinism
      • three levels of capitalist society
        • ideological level (ISA)- Political level (RSA)- economy (dominant)
      • two way causality
        • The economy can affect whats happening in each level but they can also affect whats happening in the economy
          • each level has relative autonomy from the economy
      • Criab- 3 story house analogy
        • top floor- living quaters
          • family life shaped by the shop, own dynamics, may shape the shop (divorce)
          • first floor- office
            • organised in different ways regardless of shop
            • ground floor- shop
              • how well the shop is doing will affect the nature of the office and family life
    • institutions don't always support capitalism


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