Interplay between a religion & an issue within a particular historical context

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  • The interplay between a Religion & an issue within a particular Historical context
    • Historical Context
      • 1820's
        • El Salvador had independence from Spain
        • Spain brought Catholicism to El Salvador
      • 1930's
        • Poor didn't identify to Catholic Church as much as the elite
        • Ruled by the country's elite
        • Oligarchy: 14 families
      • The poor had no voice therefore some turned to guerrilla warfare
      • Cold war: US (fearful of communism)  & USSR
      • Vatican II (1962-65): Priests were responding to its' reforms
    • Issue: Oppression of the Poor
      • Three levels of violence
        • 2. Counter violence
          • Coalition of guerrilla groups that fought against gov.
        • 3. Repressive violence
          • Cycle repeats because higher powers retaliate = death squads
        • 1. Basic human rights denied
          • Resulting in unemployment, poverty, hunger, early death, lack of participation, in society
      • Different groups in society & their involvement in the 3 levels of violence
      • Class system
    • Interplay
      • Liberation theology (what is it?)
      • Romero is the voice of the Catholic Church
      • Father Grande (Link to Christian Communities)
      • 1977-1980
      • Reform
      • Responding through letters, sermons, radio
      • Beliefs, teachings, values of Catholic Church (preferential option for the poor)


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