The impact of reunification - Unit 5

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  • Political Impact
    • For the first time since 1949 communists were returned to the Bundestag but the NPD couldn't gain representaton
    • December 1990 - The first all - German free election was held since November 1932.
    • The Impact of Reunification
      • Social Impact
        • Within 6 months of reunfication, 21% of the workforce had a new job, 8& were unemployed and 10% had taken early retirement
          • Less of a need for unskilled labour, this hit woman in particular.
        • Western safety net of unemployment insurance and retraining schemes proved effective
        • Independently minded people could set up their own business'
        • Living standards did not immediately rise to those of the West
        • New oppurtunities for young people and those who wanted to travel
      • Economic impact
        • The Currency Union which took place on 1st July resulted in the GDR's economy quickly collapsing and left many East German Citizens financially worse off
          • This took place prior to offical unification on 3rd October 1900 and it had the effect of convincing many in both West and East Germany that only speedy and full unification could deal with the rapidly worsening economic postiion.
        • New roads, phone lines and shopping centres appeared, railways and buildings wee renovated.
        • Birth rate dropped to half 2 years after reunification.
          • As structural long-term unemployment occured due to EEC competition also of course there were no more subsidised goods.
        • Reunification failed to perform the economic miracle easterners had hoped for.
      • The international Impact
        • Germany had been accepted internationally
          • They played a full role in the 1991 discussions leading to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 where the EEC became the EU.
          • Became the most important trading partner for the Soviet Bloc
      • 1991
        • Some westerners felt the East was an economic drain
        • Reunificaton created a new national pride
        • 'Germans never felt more apart then when they were untied.'
        • Teenagers turned to crime


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