The feminist perspective

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  • Feminist perspective
    • first wave feminism
      • suffragette movement- 1918- Marie stopes campaigned for birth control rights and clinic
        • focused on raising womens consciousness for equality and gaining equality in voting and property
    • macro theory
    • second wave feminism
      • women felt annoyed after returning to mother/housewife role after WW2
        • focused on legal equality in the workplace and contraceptive rights
          • new academic feminist writers emerged (Marxist, liberal, radical)
      • simone de beauvoire
    • Third wave feminism
      • since 90's- deals with the backlash of feminism- its criticisms, weaknesses
        • argued second wave feminists over generalised, false universality
          • explained the experience of white western middle class women
    • liberal feminism
      • inequality due to gender socialisation
      • ann oakley
      • end gender socialisation, gender neutral backgrounds, legal changes
    • Marxist feminism
      • fran ansley
      • inequality due to capitalism
      • role of expressive leader prevents women getting higher status jobs
      • abolish capitalism
    • radical feminism
      • shulamith firestone and laura purdy
      • womens biology and men
      • baby strike, political lesbianism, seperatism
    • difference feminism
      • critique of modern feminism that suggests we must consider the experience of and cause of oppression for different women
      • post structuralist feminism
      • consider discourses ( ways of speaking, thinking) and give power to those it defines
        • eg/ pregnancy defined as medical condition- disempowers women
      • no fixed definition
        • west- defined by discourses of media
        • Saudi arabia- defined by Islamic discourse
      • evaluation
        • walby- criticises- important similarities among women- patriachy
        • butler- diversity of discourses legitimises struggles
    • evaluation
      • anti feminism
        • oppose womens equality believe liberation has had a detrimental effect on society
        • resulted in inc divorce, crime, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, lessens authority of males
      • masculinism
        • men are disadvantaged and discriminated against
        • defend political, economic and social rights. mens rights movement
        • eg/ violence against men taken less seriously, child custody, inc suicide rate, female norms unacceptable, prostate cancer funding lower than breast cancer


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