The falling leaves

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  • The Falling Leaves
    • down to line 6 describing the leaves
      • line 7 onwards is about the soldiers
      • leaves a metaphor for the soldiers
    • set in world war 1
    • Autumn is the season of death and change. Autumn has less light, symbolic to less hope.
    • the poet juxtaposed the calm and sadness of death.
    • contemplative tone
    • speaker is standing by observing the war and is not personally involved with the war.
    • deathly atmosphere
    • sibilant soft `w' creates a sense of fluidity and empathises tranquility
    • sinister and depressing.
      • rotting/ decomposing bodies
    • reverence
    • lots of brave men
      • each unique but die in the masses so they lose their individuality
    • irregular line lengths could represent life lines
    • metaphor shows the fragility of the men
    • brief existance
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