The Existence of God

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  • The Existence of God
    • God revealed through Jesus Christ
      • "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us" (John 1:14)
        • God took human form o demonstrate his love for humanity, ultimately shown through Jesus' death and resurrection.
        • God took on the limitations of a human body to become aware of the pressures, emotions and realities that we all face.
    • God acting in the world
      • Healing miracles= unwell people immediately returning to health or recovering from an apparent incurable disease.
      • Miracles over nature= when natural elements are controlled.
      • Raising the dead= someone declared dead returning to life.
      • Exorcisms= sending an evil spirit out of a possessed body.
    • Modern-day miracles
      • Jesus explained that God will reply to his followers' prayers just as a father will give good things to his child.
      • Christians pray for and claim miracles to help them reinforce their faith and personal relationship with God.
      • Some Christians don't believe that God still performs miracles as He revealed himself through both Jesus and the Bible and so further revelation in unnecessary.
        • God created the laws of nature so why would He want to constantly intervene and break them?
    • Lourdes
      • In 1858 Bernadette Soubirous claimed to experience eighteen visions of Mary at Lourdes, a site with miraculous healing waters.
      • Roman Catholics will pilgrim here in hope of being healed by the holy waters too.
    • Meeting inspirational people
      • Mother Theresa was a nun who served the poor. She believed that through her work she was serving God in the way He had called her to.
        • "To millions of people of all faiths and stations in life, Mother Theresa radiated pure, selfless goodness" (USA Today)
      • Christians can be inspired by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in a person's life and it can give them encouragem-ent.
    • Figures from Christian history
      • Elizabeth Fry, involved in a prison reform, was driven by the a sense of the value of all people and by God's command to show love.
      • Christians look to historical figures whose lives were apparently completely changed by the power of God at work within them and pray that He will do so in the future as well.
  • God has the ability to intervene and go against the laws of nature.
  • His miracles can be seen as random and immoral- doesn't healing a praying person with a broken arm but not stopping malaria make Him cruel and raise questions about His power?


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