The Earth's Atmosphere

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  • The Earth's Atmosphere
    • Greenhouse Gasses: Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour
    • Effects of climate change: Rising sea levels, droughts, extreme weather events and changes in wildlife distribution
    • Human activities that increase carbon dioxide + methane levels: burning fossil fuels (CO2), Deforestation (CO2), Cows (CH4) and landfill (CH4)
    • Reasons why humans don't cause climate change (theory denied): Difficult to model, models are simplified, the media can be biased and the evidence MUST be checked + peer reviewed
    • Carbon Footprint: The total amount of carbon dioxide + other greenhouse gasses emitted over the full life cycle of a product, service or event
      • Solutions to reduce carbon footprints: Use less fossil fuels, carbon capture + storage, eat less meat and send less food waste to landfill


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