The Construction of the Berlin Wall

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  • The Construction of the Berlin Wall
    • Building the Berlin Wall
      • The four summit meetings failed to resolve problem in Berlin, Kennedy started to prepare US for nuclear war
      • Khrushchev couldn't risk a nuclear war with US, needed to sort refugee issue in Berlin
      • Solution was to build wall in Aug 1961
        • Designed to prevent East Berliners travelling to West Berlin, if attempted the E.Berliner would be shot
      • 12 Aug 1961 - E. German troops erected a barbed wire fence around city.
        • Fence eventually became high guarded wall
        • Soviet tanks were deployed to stop Western access to East, end of Oct 1961 - W. Berlin completely cut off from E. Berlin
    • Why the Berlin Wall was built
      • 1. Khrushchev backed down: he knew he couldn't win a nuclear war
      • 2. Western powers stayed in Berlin
      • 3. Berlin wall was built (from Aug 1961)
      • 4. Anyone trying to escape was shot at, many killed
      • 5. Wall stopped E. Germans leaving for West, solved the crisi
      • 6. This war, Khrushchev avoided war with US but still looked strong


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