The Comic Incongruity

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  • 'The Comic Incongruity'
    • What is it about?
      • The contrasts between comedy and tragedy
      • Kerr defines some of the essential qualities of comedy
      • Comedy reminds up of the limitations of life
    • Walter Kerr
    • Key Quotes
      • "Tragedy speaks always of freedom. Comedy will speak of nothing limitation"
        • Limitation of the love triangle - "My master loves dealry, and I (poor monster) fond as much on him/ as she seems to dote on me"
      • "Comedy depends upon tragedy because it has no disparity with which to shock us"
      • "It points to the thousand ways the admittedly free man is not free. It keeps an eco of freedom  about, because if it did not there would be no joke"
        • Olivia (about Malvolio) "he hath been most notoriously abused"
      • "Laughter always erupts precisely as the situation becomes hopeless"
        • Hopeless love due to doubling + disguise - hopeless hope for Malvolio
      • We are serious so long there is a way out. Comedy occurs when there is no way out"
        • Malvolio subplot - Act 4, Scene 2  -"Sir Topas, Sir Topas, good Sir Topas!' - beggings


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