Cognitive approach

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  • The Cognitive Approach
    • Internal mental processes
      • must be studied by inferring (logical conclusion based on evidence)
      • schemas (packet of info) to interpret info/ fill in gaps in absence of info
        • based on previous experiences
        • could lead to distortion i.e. inaccuracies in EWT
      • theoretical models simplify representations of a mental process i.e. flow chart of MSM
      • computer models apply computer terms to the brain i.e. LTM hard drive, STM is RAM
    • Emergence of cognitive neuroscience
      • ability to study the brain w/ non-invasive methods to gain info about structures of mental processing i.e. PET, fMRI
    • Strengths
      • highly controlled study methods; reliable/ objective data
      • established credible scientific basis w/ merging of biological/ cognitive psych
      • real life application: led to treatments like CBT, cognitive interview (EWT)
      • explains mental disorders i.e. depression
    • Weaknesses
      • reductionist/ ignores influence of emotions
      • lab research lacks ecological validity
    • Compares humans to computers: info received by senses & processed by brain


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