The Battle of Wakefield

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  • The Battle of Wakefield
    • 30th December 1460
    • Triggered by the passing of Act of Accord by Margaret.
      • This agreed that Henry VI should rule until his death.
    • York left London with an army of 7-8000 men and headed north.
      • Along with his 2nd eldest son the Earl of Rutland, the Earl of Salisbury and his son Sir Thomas.
    • York decided to settle in for the winter and ordered his men to dig ditches, improve defences and mount guns on the walls.
    • The Earl of Rutland was captured and stabbed to death.
    • York was killed, ending the Battle.
    • Salisbury escaped whilst half of the Yorkist leaders were dead.
    • This was a victory for the Lancastrians
      • This Battle is assocated with the nursey rhyme


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