The 1849 Gold Rush

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  • The 1849 Gold Rush
    • Background
      • Gold was discovered in the West, mainly in Califoria.
      • News spread like wildfire so many people came rushing.
      • A new route was built 'The California trail'
      • The gold was found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    • Consequenses of the Gold Rush
      • Thousands all over the world came including 25,000 Chinese miners from Hong Kong.
      • The population of California grew from 15,000 in 1848 to 300,000 in 1855.
      • More people grew west to become shop keepers
    • Why did those who didnt find anything stay?
      • Farming in California developed due to excellent conditions
      • California started to export crops over the world
    • Crooks and bandits of the Wild West
      • The gold rush attracted crooks, bandits, gamblers and outlaws who migrated to male communities that engaded in alcoholism and prostitution.
      • Racism towards Chinese Migrants were significant and people would steal others lands.


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