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  • Texture
    • Single Melody line
      • An unaccompanied melody
    • Homophonic
      • A texture consisting of an accompanied melody
    • Contrapuntal/ Polyphonice
      • A texture made up of two or more melodies, heard at the same time. Both equal in importance
    • Melody and accompaniment
      • A melody line with accompaniment
    • Imitative
      • The opening melody in copied in one or more parts in texture, while the original melody continues
      • copied versions may be the same or different pitches to the original
    • Canonic
      • An Imitative texture in which the copied versions of the melody are identical
    • Layered
      • A texture consisting of several different ideas on top of each other
    • Antiphonal
      • Two instruments or vocal groups alternate with each other in a musical conversation
    • Octaves
      • the melody line is doubled in one or more different octaves
    • Unison
      • everyone performs the same note or melody


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