Life in Nazi Germany

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  • Life in Nazi Germany
    • Youth
      • The Hitler Youth was compulsory by 1939, it trained boys to prepare for war
      • The League of German Maidens was set up for girls and prepared them to be mothers and homemakers
      • All teachers had to be part of the German NaziTeachers League and had to put accross and teachNazi ideas
      • Foreign languages were not taught as everyone should speak German because it is great
      • History was re written and taught that Jews were to blame for WW1. They did not teach about other countries history as was not deemed important
      • Eugenics (race studies) taught fact that only Aryans were pure Germans and discriminated Jews
      • PE was taught everyday to build strong Germans children
      • Girls were taught domestic sciences to prepare them for being wives
      • Hitler Youth and League of German Maidens was set up to endoctrinate children when they weren't at school. It encouraged to tell on their parents if the shared anti-nazi views
    • Women
      • Women were not allowed to work and had to focus on becoming good mothers and wives
      • A propaganda scheme to boost birth rate was the 'honour cross' for women to receive after having 4 or more children
      • Families received 1000 marks when they got married and did not have to pay back 250 marks for every child they had: another propaganda scheme to improve birth rate
      • in 1937 was the duty year for women and showed a flaw in the nazi attitudes towards them:they actually needed the women
      • To increase birth rates aabortion and contraception was made illegal and unmarried women had to go to borstals to become pregnant
    • Terror
      • The ** or 'blackshirts' were used to enforce Nazi policy, they were ruthless and feared. Controlled by Himmler
      • Informants were everyday people that were encouraged to snitch on anyone that shared anti nazi views
      • People were let out of concentration camps to spread the word about how horrible they were, this scared people
      • Gestapo were the nazis secret police and propaganda made them out to be everywhere (when they werent) this increased fear
      • Nazis used a carrot and stick method to ensure that people behaved exactly how they wanted them to, terror was the stick
    • During WW2
      • Young girls had to help at old peoples homes, kindergartens and homeless centers as no adults could help because of the help in the war effort
      • Boys had to help in the fire service, collecting metal and distributing rations
      • Womens health suffered as they were worrying about their husbands and children
      • Women were forced to go back to work
      • Jews were persecuted in the Final solution which sought to gas them all in 1941
      • People actually ate better due to rations but in 1939 clothes were rationed
      • Near the end of the war zoo animals had to be slaughtered to eat as trade and farming was very bad
    • Persecution of minorities
      • Not only were Jews persecuted be so were: gypsies, homosexuals, black people, prostitutes, disabled and work shy
      • In 1933 Goebells ordered the boycott of Jewish shops
      • In 1935 the Nuremburg laws were created which banned Jews from marrying Germans and took away their citizenship from them
      • In 1938 was Kristallnacht where synagogues were burned, businesses destroyed and Jews were taken to concentration camps
      • 1942 was the Wansee conference where it was decided to get rid of Jews ompletely
    • Opposition
      • The White Rose Group were students from Munich University who handed out leaflets expressing anti Nazi views
      • The Edelweiss Pirates and Swing movement were anti Nazi youth groups who went against policies, they smoke, drank, had sex, listened to jazz music and beat up members of the Hitler Youth
      • The July Bomb Plot was oppostition from the army who had had enough of Hitler so decided to try to kill him but failed
      • Private Grumbling was hard to show but probably happened as people were unhappy with what the Nazis were doing, would include jokes about Hitler, complaining etc
      • The Confessional Church was set up that opposed Hitlers Reich Church
      • Durng WW2 people opposed the rations by creating the black market and the army desterted their posts
    • Economy
      • After the wall street crash there was 6 million unemployed Germans
      • To fix the unemployment Hitler appointed schacht as head f the New Plan
        • The New Plan was made up of DAF and under that came the beauty of Labour, Stength through Joy (KDF) and RAD (reich labour service)
        • RAD was compulsory service of 18-25 year olds and focused on building public services and helped to fix unemployment even though they were not paid
        • Beauty of Labour wasthe workers new trade union but was unsuccessful because they had to meet in their own time and had no funding
        • KDF was the incentives to work hard, they were promised things such as cinema tickets, holidays and the new car the Volkswagen
      • Invisible unemployment was taking people who were not allowed to work out of the figures such as women, Jews and other minorities
      • The four year plan from 1936-1940 was about autarky and preparing for total war, this was made by Goering


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