teleological argument

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  • Teleological argument
    • Aquinas
      • everything lacks intelligence and knowledge
        • need to be directed
      • analogy- arrow
      • argument FROM design
    • Paley
      • watch + stone- watch has a purpose (intricate detail)
      • argument TO design
    • Arthur Brown
      • ozone layer- just the right thickness must have designed
    • Tennant
      • love/appreciation for art is put in us
        • evolution is flawed it cannot develop
    • criticism
      • Hume
        • 1) use of analogies
          • watches and the universe have DIFFERENT LOGICAL SPHERES
        • 2) more than one designer?
          • building a ship needs more than one
          • flaws with design are designers fault - builder
        • 3) randomness leading to order
          • chaos either destroys itself or becomes ordered
      • Mill
        • nature is guilty of serious crimes for which she goes unpunished
          • female wasps
      • evolution Vs irreducible complexity
        • evolution
          • gradual changes and adaptations
            • genetic mutations- giraffes
        • irreducible complexity
          • Behe- need all parts to work- mousetrap


Halima Jafiya

This is really helpful! thanks! 

Halima Jafiya

Although you might want to edit it. Paley's argument is from design and Aquinas's argument is to design. :)

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