Teleological Argument

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  • Teleological Argument
    • Plato
      • Demi urge fashioned world out of pre existing matter
    • Aristotle
      • Unmoved Mover responsible for order in universe
    • Aquinas
      • Arrow and Archer Analogy
      • 5th Way
    • Paley
      • Watch Analogy
      • Design Qua Purpose
        • Everything in the universe has a purpose and can achieve its purpose
          • Human Eye
      • Design Qua Regularity
        • Intelligent being predetermined their place allowing them regularity of motion
          • Planets
    • Tennant
      • Anthropic Principle
        • Seems rationally true that God is the creator
        • Too unlikely that the universe came about by random chance e.g. Big Bang occuring at right time and speed
          • Swinburne's Probability Argument
        • Laws of nature wouldn't have shaped humans into what they are today
      • Aesthetic Principle
        • Appreciating beauty doesn't aid our survival - can act against it e.g. a tiger
        • God created the world as it is so we can appreciate beauty and enjoy living in it


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