Teleological Argument

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  • Teleological Argument
    • William Paley
      • Design Qua purpose
      • Design Qua Regularity
        • The is evidence of a designer due to apparent order in the world
        • The relationships between things in the world is so precise e.g Earth's atmosphere (Goldilocks belt) that it is irrational to assume there is not an intelligent designer behind it's creation
          • The is evidence of a designer due to apparent order in the world
    • Criticisms
      • Hume
        • Using Paley's logic, why is it not possible to consider multiple, lesser designers-coincides with Paganism at the time before Darwin
        • To speak of God as a designer is to put Him into a  superhuman and anthropomorphic sense which does not correlate to the idea of perfection
          • He does however agree that great design does imply a great designer
            • But our world is full of animals and nature that are "insufficient all of them for their own happiness"
              • Our God is therefore vindictive and cruel
                • J.S Mill: "Either there is no God or there exists and incompetent or immoral God"
      • Darwin
        • This regularity seen in the world and purpose in everything is down to evolution and billions of years of natural selection until everything looked so perfect it appears ordered.


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