Teleological argument

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  • Teleological/ Design argument
    • Kant
      • No order in the universe, just perceived order.
        • We look for order e.g. constellations in stars.
    • Paley
      • what if watch goes wrong?
        • Doesn't matter is watch goes wrong, the watches existence means that it was designed for its purpose.
      • Can't compare watch to world - machine, can't evolve.
    • Stuart Mill
      • There is evil in the world, how could an all loving God have designed this.
    • Darwin
      • Things evolve and adapt - not initial perfect design.
        • BUT - maybe God is even more powerful than we thought to design things with the ability to evolve.
    • Swineburne
      • We should assume one God unless proof of more.
      • If no design, we would net exist to be able to see it.
    • Tennant
      • Anthropic Principle - human centred.
        • Environments are so precise - If elements were different - life would not exist.
      • The perfect environment only applies to Earth - not the universe as a whole.
        • The world is changing but we still survive. - maybe uninhabited galaxies are still eveolving - maybe that is why there are imperfections in our world.


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