teleological argument

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  • teleological argument
    • paley
      • comes across a rock -its simplicity means it can be inferred it came to be by chance
      • comes across watch which is so complex it must have had a designer
        • it has specific and dispensable materials, it has several parts and regular motion so must have been designed
          • like effects have like causes (effect must have been god
          • can apply this to the human eye
    • swinburne
      • split into spatial order (organisation of parts to serve a purpose) and temporal order (the orderliness in the way things follow one after the other)
        • Swinburne thinks its best to argue from temporal order
          • no better explanation for the regularities regarding the laws of nature than in terms of person
    • critisisms
      • paley
      • hume
        • like effects do not always have like causes
          • also the watch  is an unsound analogy as the world does not work like a machine
            • we have no experience of world making so we cannot infer
              • arg. puts a very human view on god
      • kant
    • arguments from purpose and regularity


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