Plate tectonics

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  • Tectonic plates
    • 7 main plates
      • african
      • antartic
        • eurasian
          • indo-austrailian
            • north american
            • pacific
              • south american
    • the plates  are constantly moving centimetres apart each year. This is called 'Continental Drift'
    • Alfred Wenger's theory in 1939 was all the continents fitted together like a jigsaw to form a super continent millions of years ago
    • The Earth has a layered structure, including the core, outer core,mantle and crust.
    • crust (relatively thin and rocky)mantle (has the properties of a solid, but can flow very slowly)core (made from liquid nickel and iron)
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    • There are two main types of tectonic plate:Oceanic plates occur under the oceans.Continental plates form the land.Oceanic plates are denser than continental plates. They are pushed down underneath continental plates if they meet.


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