Synthetic Polymers

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  • Synthetic Polymers
    • Addition Polymers
      • Joining up many small molecules called monomers
      • Poly(ethene)
        • light and stretchable
        • plastic bags, bottles and containers
      • Poly(propene)
        • Tough, flexible and resistant to heat
        • Kettles, food containers and carpets
      • Poly(chlorethene)
        • makes clothes and pipes and insulating electrical cables
    • Condensation Polymer
      • two different types of monomer involved
      • monomers react together and bonds form - polymer chains
      • Each new bond - a small molecule is lost
    • Hard to get rid of
      • Inert - don't react because carbon-carbon bonds are strong
      • Long time to biodegrade but burning releases toxic gases
      • Best thing is to reuse them


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