synaptic transmission

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  • synaptic transmission
    • nerve impulse travels down the axon
      • it reaches the pre synaptic terminal
        • this triggers the releaseof neuro transmitters
          • they are fired into the synaptic cleft
            • neuro transmitters bind with receptors on the dendrite of the adjacent neuron
              • if successfully transmitted the neuro transmitter is taken up by the post synaptic neuron
                • the message will continue via electrical impulses
    • action potential
      • occurs when a neuron sends information down an axon away from the cell body
      • it's an explosion of electrical activity
      • a stimulus causes the resting potential to move forward
    • excitation and inhibition
      • excitory= they will make it more likely the next neuron will fire e.g acetylcholine
      • inhibitory= they will make it less likely that the next neuron will fire e.g GABA
    • normal brain function depends on a regulated balance between excitory and inhibitory influence


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