Mrs Sybil Birling Character Profile

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  • Sybil Birling
    • Proud of her social status
      • Traditional  values and strictly follow rules of etiquette as this could improve her social status. these rules are more important to her than moral rules
        • This makes her very prejudiced
          • Cruel
    • High social status- more than Mr B
      • Tells him off  for mentioning servants
      • Telling the family to have better manners
      • Won't let anyone boss her around
    • Lives by strict standards
      • Prejudiced against women 'of that sort'
      • Her 'standards' that allow her to walk straight into the Inspector's trap
    • Not very charitable
      • only supports 'deserving cases'
      • Mrs B has authority over who is 'deserving'
      • Uses her influence to pursuade the other members against' eva's case because she is a little offended
      • Outraged that Eva would pretend to have the 'fine feelings' of a higher social classs
    • She doesn't change
      • Self centred- hasn't noticed her son's alcoholism, and dismisses Sheila's worries of Gerlad's unfaithfullness
      • Won't accept responsibility- 'I have no responsibility at all'
      • Only regrets not having asked him more questions- wants to be in control




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