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  • Sustainable Water Supply
    • The Issues
      • There is likely to be a world water gap between rising demands and falling supplies of what is a finite resource.
      • The increase in demand for water will be due to:
        • Global population growth
        • Economic development
        • Rising standards of living
        • This increase could be 56% by 2050, even if sustainable strategies are followed by 20%
    • Conflicts
      • 1. The increase in demand for water could lead to conflict between users at a variety of scales.
      • 2. Physical Scarcity- water supplies are spread unevenly with 2/3 of the world's population livinng in areas that recieve 25% of the world's rainfall
      • 3. Economic Scarcity- Development of supplies is limited by lack of capital and technology to pay for this exploitation- even though there is sufficient water available.
      • Inbalance in usage- developed countries use up to 10 times more water per head than developing countries- but pay less.
      • Human actions fragment water supplies and cause pollution.
    • Scarcity- when annual supply of water per person drops below 1,000m3
    • Physical scarcity- when more than 75% of areas blue water flow is being closed.
    • Economic scarcity- when development of adequate blue water sources is limited by lack of capital and technology.
    • Water stress- when there is less than 1,700m3 of water per person per year.
    • By 2050 estimated 50% of world's population will be water vulnerable
      • Less than 2,500m3 of water per person per year
    • By 2050 climate change may covert vulnerability to stress and scarcity.
      • stress (affecting 4 billion people) amd scarcity (a further 1.5 billion)
    • What physical factors determine the supply of water?
    • How do human activities influence water supply and demand?
    • How can water supply and demand be managed sustainably?
    • Demand
    • Case Studies
    • Can sustaiable water supplies be maintained in the furture?


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