The Earths Structure

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  • Structure of the earth
    • There are 3 main parts of the earth; core, mantle and crust
      • The core is located in the center of the earth, and contains a liquid outer layer, and a solid inner core, is under lots of pressure and is a solid
        • The Mantle  is a semi liquid as it is located between the crust and the core. The further you go down, it flows more, due to the temperature increase
          • The Crust is very thin and has a low density. It is rich in silicon, oxygen and alumminuim
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      • The Lithosphere includes the crust and the upper part of the mantle. It is relatively cold and rigid and is about 100km in depth in certain areas. This is where the tectonic plates are
        • The tectonic plates float of the mantle because they are less dense and are like big rocky rafts
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