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    • In everyday life
      • two physiological routes - messages are sent from higher brain centres
        • stressor - registered by the cortex
          • sends message to hypothalamus
            • activates pituitary gland
              • Sympathomedullary pathway
                • adrenal medula
                  • (sympathetic arousal of nervous system)
                    • release of adrenaline + noradrenaline into bloodstream
                      • fight/flight
                        • increase oxygen intake
                        • release stored glucose
                        • divert resources away from digestion
                • acute stressors - come across stressor: fight/flight reaction triggered
                • controlled by electrical impulses through nerves
              • Pituitary-adrenal gland
                • adrenal cortex
                  • (ACTH released into bloodstream)
                    • release of corticosteroids into bloodstream
                      • liver releases glucose + suppresses immune system
                • stressor is not dealt with straight away: endocrine system
                • hormonal response - travels through blood
    • biological response to a demand that threatens an organsim
  • Ready to expand energy by fighting or running away
    • divert resources away from digestion
    • release stored glucose
    • increase oxygen intake


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