Strengths + Weaknesses of 19th Century Missionary Outreach

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  • Strengths + Weaknesses of 19thC Missions
    • Weaknesses
      • Colonisation or Evangelising?
        • Anglicans: Christian colleges that educated future leaders in India.
        • Boarding schools promoting Western values. Separating children from family tradition.
      • Western
        • Early missionaries not always respect cultures
        • David Livingstone: commerce would bring Africans to Christ
        • Importance of building and living in houses
        • Huge attitude that they were uncivilised
          • Encouraged to abandon culture and tribal practices
    • Strengths
      • Desire to spread Gospel
        • Phillip: an evangelical awakening of 19thC
        • God had created one human race that should share one faith
      • developed respect and preserving culture
        • SMA, Verona & White Fathers cared for orphaned children
          • Adapted to culture by learning language and carrying out customs
            • White Fathers supplied Bibles in African dialects.
              • This promoted literacy among the people
              • They trained the locals so they could carry on the good works
      • Abolition of slavery
        • David Livingstone: explorer and missionary with London Missionary Society.
          • Dual approach: freeing and converting
        • William Carey: Indian mission both worked to free the people
      • Shortage of clergy
        • Contribution meant rapid increase in vocations
        • Finke & Starke: "without imports, hard to imagine how churches would have met their staffing needs.
        • Mid 1800s 59% of priests in NY were Irish born


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