Storing sound

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  • Storing sound
    • Sound is sampled and stored digitally
      • Sound is recorded by a microphone as an analogue signal
      • Analogue sounds are pieces of continually changing data
      • Analogue sounds need to be converted to digital
      • This can be done using analogue to digital converters
      • Process of converting analogue to digital is called sampling
    • Factors to sound files
      • Sampling intervals are the gaps between each of the points where the analogue is recorded
      • Sample rate is how many samples you take in a second
      • Sample size is the number of bits available for each sample
      • Bit rate is the number of bits used per second of audio
      • Bit rate = sampling frequency x sample size
      • Increasing the sampling rate means the analogue is sampled more often
      • Increasing the sample size means the digital file picks up quieter sounds
      • Increasing sample size and sample rate will increase the bit rate


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