Statutory Interpretation Adv. and Disad.

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  • Statutory Interpretation
    • Canons of Construction
      • Literal Rule
        • Leaves law making to parliament
        • Respects Parliamentary Sovereignty
        • Produces unjust outcomes
        • Doesn't always give effect to Parliaments intentions
        • Assumes perfection from draftsmen
      • Golden Rule
        • Prevents absurd decisions
        • More likely to follow intentions of Parliament
        • Uncertainty as to absurd outcome
        • Too much power
      • Mischief Rule
        • Avoids absurd decisions
        • Promotes flexibilty
        • Law commission favour it
        • Too much power
        • Not easy to identify michief
        • Out of date
        • Used by judges to update legislation
      • Purposive Apporach
        • Consistent with EU
        • Gives effect to intentions
        • Too much power
        • Judicial decisions based on opinions
    • Rules of Language
      • Ejusdem Generis
        • No need for draftsmen to foresee every circumstance
        • Can make law unpredictable and inconsistent
      • Noscitur a Sociis
        • Statutes can be up to date and adapted
        • Gives too much scope for judicial making
      • Expressio est unius est exclusio alterius
        • A finite list, so outcome is more certain
        • Makes statute too rigid, no scope to develop
    • Aids
      • Intrinsic
        • Preamble & Long title can be useful for purposive/mischief rule
        • Schedules are useful in understanding provisions of Act
        • Most Acts dont have a long title or preamble
        • Statutes can be carelessly worded when rushed (Dangerous Dogs Act)
      • Extrinsic
        • Dictionaries useful for literal/golden rule
        • Previous Acts- help identify mischief
        • Hansard useful for Purposive
        • Dictonaries will not help finding Parliments intention
        • Hansard can slow down court process and be just as unclear or bias


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