Electricity components

A mind map of electric circuit components, what they do in the circuit and what they are measured in etc.

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  • Electricity (components)
    • Cell
      • battery is two cells next to each other
    • voltmeter
      • measures voltage/potential difference (volts)
    • ammeter
      • measures current (amperes)
    • lamp
    • fixed resistor
      • lowers current
        • resistance measured in ohms
          • variable resistor
            • resistance can be changed
        • variable resistor
          • resistance can be changed
    • fuse
    • thermistor
      • heat sensor
      • used in thermostats
    • light dependent resistor (LDR)
      • resistance changes with light
    • light emitting diode
      • can make efficient lighting
    • diode
      • only allows current to flow one way


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