States Of Matter

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  • States Of Matter
    • Solids
      • Strong forces of attraction, which holds them close in fixed positions.
      • The particles don't move from their positions, solids keep a definite shape and volume.
      • The particles vibrate in  their positions.
        • The hotter the solid is the more they vibrate (causing Solids to expand slightly when heated).
    • Liquids
      • There is a weak force of attraction between particles.
        • They are free to move past each other, but they tend to stick closely together.
      • Liquid have a definate volume but don't keep a definite shape.
        • They will flow to fill space.
      • The particles are constantly moving with random motion
        • The hotter the liquid gets, the faster the particles move. This causes liquids to expand slightly when heated.
    • Gases
      • The force of attraction is very weak.
        • They are free to move and are far apart.
          • The particles in gases travel in straight lines.
      • Gases don't keep a definite shape or volume and will always fill any container.
      • These particles are constantly moving with random motion.
        • The hotter the gas gets the faster they move
        • Gases either expand when haeated or their pressure increases.


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