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  • Stanley Kowalski Character Overview
    • Scene One
      • Shows off his tough, streetwise banter. Meets Blanche and immediately offends her modesty as he changes in front of her. He abruptly asks about her failed marriage.
      • He is described as a hostile, primitive character whose main pleasure is women.
    • Scene Two
      • Stanley is interested in paperwork from the sale of Belle Reve - mentions the Napoleonic code (puts womens property in the hands of the husband)
      • He rejects Blanche's flirtatious comments and instead questions her about her expensive clothes
      • Stanley tells Blanche of Stella's pregnancy
    • Scene Three
      • Poker night - scene lit by a sinister green light. Their talk is heavy with masculinity and testosterone.
    • Scene Four
    • Scene Five
      • Invites Stella, Steve and Eunice to the bar by screeching their names.
    • Scene Six
      • Revealed that Stanley and Mitch were military friends.
      • Mitch thinks Stanley doesn't understand Blanche, but she reckons he wants to ruin her.
    • Scene Seven
      • Blanche's Birthday
        • Stanley has found out about Blanche's past, tells Mitch and Stella
          • He felt it was his duty to tell Mitch - now Mitch won't marry Blanche and doesn't turn up to Blanche's birthday dinner
        • Stanley bought Blanche a one way ticket to Laurel
    • Scene Eight
      • When asked, refused to tell a funny story or laugh at Blanche's jokes. He eats his food with his fingers.
        • Stella tells him off - Stanley reminds them that he is the king and loses his temper
      • Stanley pleased when Blanche is upset by his present - then then Stella goes to hospital for the baby
    • Scene Ten
      • Stanley is drunk. He takes off his shirt and offers Blanche a drink.
    • Scene Eleven


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