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  • Zimbardo's SPE
    • Procedure
      • Mock prison basement in Stanford university.
      • students were randomly assigned role of prisoner or guard
      • prisoners = heavily regulated. Routines and rules and referred to by number
      • guards had uniforms and clubs and mirrored shades
    • Findings
      • guard behaviour became a threat to prisoners and so 12 day study became 6
      • guards constantly harassed prisoners
      • prisoner went on hunger strike and was force fed
    • Conclusions
      • guards and prisoners conformed to their roles
      • power of the situation to influence peoples behaviours
    • Evaluation
      • Lack of realism
        • performance of participants based on stereotypes of how they should behave
        • however data collected showed 90% convos were ab prison life showing situation was very real for participants = high internal validity
      • Dispositional influences
        • DI = personality and individual characteristic
        • Zim overexaggerated influence of behaviour - only a third of guards acted in a brutal manner, the rest were fair and sympathised w the prisoners
      • Control over variables
        • Lab setting - high control = high IV = more confident in drawing concs on influence of roles on behaviour
        • Example: roles were randomly assianged so indiv personality differences wouldn't be an explanation of the findings
      • Ethical issues
        • did not consider well-being of participants enough
        • put his own interests first
        • deception - prisoners were arrested in their homes
      • Lack of research support
        • Reicher and Haslam's 2006 replication found the prisoners take control due to SIT
        • challenges Zim conclusions ab conformity and social roles because guards didn't form shared social identity and cohesive group


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