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  • Sport
    • Characteristics
      • fixed set of competitive structures
      • set of standardized rules enforced by officials
      • range of strategies of play
      • written and unwritten codes of conduct
    • What constitutes a sport?
      • competetive
      • selective by ability
      • serious, requires commitment
      • organisational stringency
      • sportsmanship and fair play
    • Objectives
      • release tension and stress
      • develop health, sense of fair play, teamwork, leadership
      • fulfill/discover  talent, challenge oneself
      • achieve success
      • reduce antisocial behaviour, nhs costs
      • improve moral and socialisation, economic benefits
    • Problems
      • over emphasis on winning
      • contests become too entertainment related (media)
      • hooliganism, violent crowds
        • damage countries reputation
      • performance enhancing drugs
      • tv etc means people may watch more than play more sport


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