Speed, Distance & Acceleration

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  • speed, distance & acceleration
    • Acceleration
      • Acceleration is the change in velocity per second.
      • Acceleration is measured in m/s2.
      • a=v /t
        • The triangle stands for “change in”.
    • Speed
      • Speed is measured in m/s.
      • speed= distance/time
    • Velocity
      • Velocity is speed in a particular direction.
      • Velocity is also measured in m/s.
    • Distance-time graphs
      • The ‘steepness’/gradient of the graph tells you the speed of the object.
      • Steep line = high speed
      • Less steep line = lower speed
      • Flat/horizontal line = stationary
    • Velocity-time graph
      • The ‘steepness’/gradient of the graph tells you the acceleration.
        • Steep line = high constant acceleration
        • Less steep line = lower constant acceleration
        • Flat/horizontal line = constant speed
      • The area under the graph is the distance travelled.
    • Stopping distance
      • Stopping distance = Thinking distance + Braking distance
        • Thinking distance: distance travelled between seeing the object and applying the brakes.
        • Braking distance: distance travelled between applying the brakes and coming to a stop.
        • Stopping distance: total distance travelled between seeing the object and stopping.
      • thinking distance /    speed


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