Spanish Listening, ser and tengo verbs

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  • Spanish Listening
    • Tener- To Have
      • Yo tengo- I have
      • Tu tienes- You have (informal)
      • El/Ella tiene- He/She has
      • Usted tiene- You have (formal)
      • Nosotros tenemos- We have
      • Vosostros teneis- You have (informal)
      • Ellos/Ellas tienen- They have
      • Ustedes tienen- You have (formal)
    • Ser- To Be
      • Yo Soy- I am
      • Tu Eres- You are (informal)
      • El/Ella Es - He/She is
      • Usted Es- You are (formal)
      • Nosotros Somos- We are
      • Vosotros Sois- You are (informal)
      • Ellos/Ellas Son- They are
      • Ustedes Son- You are (formal)


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