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  • space
    • terms
      • moon- a lump of matter that orbits a planet
      • planet- a ball of matter that orbits a star
      • solar system- a center star orbited by planets
      • exoplanet- a planet that orbits a star in another solar system
      • galaxy- large cluster of stars
      • the universe- consisting of many galaxies separated by empty space.
      • star-- a large ball of gas
    • light year is a measure of distance, light travels at a speed of 3x10 8
      • electromagnetic spectrum
        • they carry energy as transverse waves
        • can travel through a vaccum
        • detection
          • radio- aerial microwaves-aerial infrared-blackened thermometer visible light- eye ultraviolet- film xrays- film gamma rays- GM tube
      • light- red, orange, yellow,green, blue, indigo and violet. in order of decreasing wavelength and increasing frequency red-700nm violet-400nm
    • by comparing the line spectrum and absorption spectrum you can identify the elements in a star


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