Sonnet 116

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  • Sonnet 116
    • Feelings and Attitudes
      • Devotion- the voice in the poem is declaring a love which will not change
      • Constancy- He sees love as fixed and eternal- something which won't change even when the object of his love changes
      • True Love- it's not a shallow, superficial love which is based on what the loved one looks like
    • Personal Response
      • Do you think Shakespeare is writing about the love of younger or older people? why? Both i think he is saying Love is Love no matter what
      • Can you give this poem a title which you think sums up the ideas in it? The power of love, as it is so powerful it can overcome anything
      • What effect does the personification of time have on your reading of the poem? It has no Knowledge of time
      • To what extent would you say that this was a poem about love in general, rather than a love poem to someone in particular? 100% agree as it isn't refering to someones love but talking about love and what it is and what effect it has.
    • About
      • the constance of true love - if it is genuine it doesn't change under any circumstances. He says that if what he sya isn't true, then he never wrote anything and no man has ever fallen in love. But as we know both are true he says what he says about love is true. It can't be shaken
    • Comparison
      • To his coy mistress- Sonnet 43/ Praise song for my mother/ Hour


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