sonnet 29

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  • sonnet 29
    • enjambment
      • shows her love is continuous
    • direct pronouns
      • makes the poem intimate and romantic so the reader feels intrusive
    • natural imagery
      • "bud"
        • connotes to birth,new life, growth, changes and uncertainty
      • "leaves"
        • fragile,change,loss, thoughts and feelings of change
    • metaphor
      • "broad leaves"
        • shows how love for him has grown
        • not iambic pent.
          • shows loss of control of herself and poetic form
      • "palm-tree"
        • exotic-shows him being rare to her and special
        • represents an experience she hasn't had yet
        • biblical reference to when palm leaves were laid before Jesus as a sign of respect
      • "breathe"
        • metaphoricaly he is the tree and she is breathing his air
          • also foreshadows his presence-intimate
          • suggests that she cant live without him the way she cant think without him
    • caesura
      • "-burst, shattered, everywhere!"
        • emphasises frustration and desire
    • sonnet form
      • protarkon form used instead of shakespheres sonnet form as shakespheres were often about maidens suggesting love in this poem is timeless and not physically recognised
    • volta
      • between lines 7 and 8
        • shows their love is rare or not perfect until together
    • rhyme scheme
      • abba
        • is symbolic for their love holding the relationship together despite the distance


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